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Wholesale Epoxy & Décorative flakes

Industrial Grade Epoxy Resins Performance, Eco-Friendly, Low VOC

Superior Quality

A 100% solids epoxy floor coating system

Expert 3G has been creating epoxy resin systems with the mission of responding to the diverse demands of the coatings industry. Always willing to adhere to their clients needs and relentless to remain above the competition, Expert 3G is continuously undertaking new and innovative projects as well developing effective and environmentally friendly products for their existing line of products.

Our products

Areas of use

A Formula Built Exactly To Your Needs

Food industry:
The LEED certifier, our liners protect your floors from acid liquids, odors and mold and bacteria (approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Drinking water tank:
Without taste and odor, meets the highest standards of hygiene.

Ideal for protecting the floors of your business with motor oil, gasoline and other chemicals.

Chemical storage
The industrial concrete coatings offered by Atelier Serby have excellent chemistry and UV.


In accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, our coatings remain with sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other corrosive industrial products.

The application of our flooring to the epoxy is very fast, without emission of solvent and odorless. You can resume your operation after the application.

Warehouses and hangar
Warehouses are areas of heavy traffic, with heavy coverings, waterproof surfaces and easy maintenance.


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